Tired of Price Wars?

Looking to improve your brand image?

Have a special formulation in mind but can’t find anybody to make it for you?

Looking for higher profit margins?

Searching for effective and innovative products?

Exhausted with pushing other people’s brands?

Trying to carve out a niche for yourself in an increasingly competitive market?

Looking for quality products at reasonable prices?

Thinking of differentiating yourself from all the masses out there?

Then it’s time to make the product YOURS.

We welcome all enquiries for private labeling / OEM.  Creating your own brand is easy with us. We provide the following services:

-          Marketing Consultation

-          Product research and development

-          Packaging sourcing

-          Packaging Designing

-          Manufacturing

-          Documentation for Product Registration

Call us today for an appointment or drop us an email at sales@weiher.com.sg